Friday, November 2, 2007


What a delightful name for a little place in England!

Charlotte and her mother and brother live in this tiny end-of-terrace home in Rustington. This was really our first taste of home life in Britain - it's all a lot more squeezy than we are used to in Oz - and this lovely family all squeezed over just a little more so that we would have a place to stay.

Actually, as it's only a two-bedroom house, this little two-room chalet is where Charlotte lives, and she very graciously moved to the sofa in the house so that we could stay here.

The weather was beautiful, and the spacious backyard proved a great place to sit and chat and even have some of our meals.

But what has Peter noticed?

Something interesting on the ground ... English wildlife maybe ...

What's the big deal? It's just a slug. I didn't have one of those little rulers to put down next to it and show you the size of this thing. We have deadly snakes and stingy spiders in Oz, but nothing like this.

Again, no size comparison ... but this one is huge, and fat. AND it's just busy cleaning up where the cat was sick. What I wanted to know is - do cats eat slugs?

Meet the Folks

As a special treat Charlotte took us around to meet her grandparents for a spot of afternoon tea.

Another delightful English home and garden - we had tea in the conservatory - and gracious folks.

This was a very special meeting, though, because these folks have been avid readers of my Turkey Blog (keeping up with their granddaughter in Turkey) and so at least they already knew me quite well.

We were able to chat and laugh about things that had happened - as if they had been there too - and I was able to learn about

The Recipe:

for the delicious quince jam we were sharing on our scones!

If this is too small for you to read, and you have some quinces ready for jamming, then you need to go to, which is apparently one of the rare places you can get a good quince jam recipe.

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